Happiness Begins with Good Health

It all started when two people decided to source and provide natural beverages together. So they decided to make beverages full of nutritious value and without any additives. Every curated element was a treat for the mouth, and they thought why not share them with the people around.

Caring as they were, they thought why not care for other people and give them the best they can have that is how Eissa Golden Seed and its products came into being. Every ingredient is carefully selected, and every sachet is a bundle of joy.

One of these bundles of joy is the first product that is going to be launched: Golden Nutrilife.

Golden Nutrilife is a premix cocoa with nuts drink that comes in a packet form. It is a perfect winter partner, and you can gulp it down snuggled under your blankets. Whether itā€™s a movie night with friends or a family reunion, Golden Nutrilife is the best winter go-to beverage for you.

These are the ingredients that are used to create this winter go-to beverage:

  • Golden Nutrilife is a product that comes in a sachet packet.
  • It consists of Fig Fruit Extracts, Almond Powder, Pistachio Powder, Raisin Extracts, Date Fruit Extracts, Walnut Powder, Premix Cocoa with Nuts Drink, and Stevia Extract.
  • This is a premix cocoa but also a health and wellness product.

Creamy, dreamy, and ever-so-comforting are some of the best premix cocoa with nuts drink ways to keep coming back to time and again. These will make Golden Nutrilife the best premix cocoa with nuts drink and your go-to winter beverage.

White-choc Premix Cocoa with NutsĀ 

You can use creamy white chocolate to make a dreamy premix cocoa with nuts drink mug of Golden Nutrilife that no one will be able to resist.

Ā Tiramisu Premix Cocoa with NutsĀ 

Not many people know this, but we love our customers so here is an amazing way to enjoy Golden Nutrilife. Tiramisu and premix cocoa with nuts collide to make one dreamy winter dessert.

Marshmallow Premix Cocoa with NutsĀ 

You can create a campfire moment in a mug with this marshmallow topped on our Golden Nutrilife.

These are all the ways you can enjoy our Golden Nutrilife beverage and experience it to be the best beverage of winter. It will not only tantalize your taste buds but also satisfies your soul!